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Testimonials are one of the best sources of information when choosing a child care center for your family. At Wee Care Preschool, we work hard to create the type of early childhood education your child deserves! So we always appreciate when our parents let us know how their child has benefited from attending Wee Care. Below are just some of the wonderful letters we’ve received from happy parents. Thank You!

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“I cannot be more pleased with how this preschool is run.  Not only are the teachers and staff some of the most caring and sweet individuals we have ever met, but the center is always in pristine condition!”
Shandy Y.    (San Diego, CA)

How do you choose the right preschool for your child?  It’s a lot of stress for a family to decide the perfect school that suits all your needs.  But rest assured the moment you walk into Wee Care Preschool all your worries get left at the door.  Immediately you are welcomed with warm hearts and a place to call your home away from home for your child.  Our decision to enroll our son into Wee Care has been one of the best decisions we have made for his growth and development.  He was two when he started and was a very shy boy.  In no time at all he began opening up.  Every day I am truly amazed at what he learns while he is at school and the stories he passes along from his time there.  We can’t be happier with the care and love provided at Wee Care.

The teachers have the most caring hearts and a devotion to these children like they are their own.  They make it a point to document any injury; no matter how minor it is, so you are always in the know regarding the safety of your child.  They plan out their meals a month at a time, so you know what your child is eating on any given day.  But the best part about the meal schedule is they are all well balanced meals including fruits and vegetables.  Out of the many great things about Wee Care my favorite would have to be the facility itself.  It’s very open and has many bright colors making it a fun environment to learn for small children.  The staff takes great pride in the cleanliness of the facility, keeping all toys, books, tables, etc. very sanitary.  They also just recently remodeled parts of the school making it more modern and kid friendly.  The staff genuinely cares about the school and about the well being of the children that attend.  I continue to be more pleased with each week that passes by with our choice of having our son attend Wee Care Preschool.  Thank you to everyone at Wee Care for having such patience and for helping all these children succeed in life.
-  Ashley Ross

Our daughter started attending Wee Care Preschool at the age of 2 and continues to be a part of the “family.”  She is now 5 years old and continues to strive socially and academically in their kindergarten program. I have peace of mind every single day she attends school knowing that she will be provided for in every single way.  She is receiving superb one-on-one attention in the classroom since the teacher-to-child ratio (in the kindergarten class) is only 1:12 !!!  She is provided healthy snacks and lunches; as a vegetarian she is always presented with “meatless” options. And, the staff is very intuitive to the children’s needs especially when they are not feeling good; we have always been notified immediately whenever she has been ill or encountered a mishap. She has also been enrolled in ballet/tap classes since she started attending at the age of 2.  Awesome incentive especially for parents with busy schedules or who work long hours, because, they are still able to participate in various enrichment classes that are incorporated into their daily schedules at school.  Wee Care has exceeded all of our expectations and then some!
- Jennifer & Jason Sondles, (Chula Vista, CA)  Parents of Madison, 5 years old

After having our daughter, Chloe, in in-home care until she was almost 18 months, we were really nervous that she wasn’t going to get the individual attention and nurturing that she was used to.  We’re happy to say that Wee Care has been one of the best decisions we’ve made.  Chloe loves her teachers and all the children she gets to play and learn with.  Wee Care has an academic program and play time every day, they also arrange to have many extracurricular activities on site. We’re going  to sign Chloe up for ballet, tap, Spanish and gym after Christmas. All of these programs are offered at the school for a small additional fee so we don’t have to cart her around.  The hours are incredible, as we both work.  Having the flexibility of a school that’s open 6am to 6pm means we don’t have to rush everywhere. All meals are included in the fees – such a time saver not having to prepare food daily.  Yet another bonus is that they also offer the occasional “date night” for parents and have after-hours care so that we can have some quality time together as a couple. This school has become an extended family for us, it has met our needs and exceeded them. We highly recommend it to all of our friends with kids that are looking for a safe, fun and educational environment.
- Sarah & Daniel Lecuna (San Diego, CA) Parent of Chloe (2)

I was very nervous about putting my oldest son, Owen, into preschool at 18 months because I felt that he would get lost in a large preschool, but my fears were unwarranted.  The staff at Wee Care Preschool were so caring and nurturing and made it easier for me to leave him there.  If my son was crying when I was trying to leave him, they would comfort him and redirect his attention and he would soon be laughing and smiling again so I felt comfortable going to work.  I also noticed that his social skills and his academic growth were incredible, and I wondered why I ever worried about it in the first place.  When my second son Orion was ready to start preschool, I was very happy to enroll him in Wee Care. We already had such a great relationship with many of the teachers and staff and Orion just fit in so easily.  Wee Care has been a big part of our family for the last 5 years!
- Jennifer Ogo
Science Resource Teacher AP Biology and AP Environmental Science
Lincoln High School Center for Science & Engineering

We searched far and wide to find a preschool that we felt comfortable sending our son to.  When we found Wee Care my husband and I both agreed that the search was over.  Tammy, the Assistant Director, was very helpful and answered all of our questions.  She put our mind at ease and truly made us feel comfortable with the transition from in-home daycare to preschool that our son was going to make.  Our son has been at Wee Care for almost 2 years and he has flourished.  I noticed an immediate difference in his speech and reasoning capabilities.  He has also been able to participate in Spanish class (Little Amigos) and Playball throughout his time at the school.  I think it is great that he is able to learn a second language at such a young age.  Along with the great atmosphere and programs, the cost is very reasonable and the hours are great especially when both parents work full time jobs.  We also have a 6 month old son that goes to an in-home daycare and we plan on sending him to Wee Care when he is old enough. We are lucky to have found this school!
- Dana Lingard, San Diego (North Park, CA) – Mom of Deagen (3)
Associate Marketing Manager, Events HD Supply Facilities Maintenance

Early this year I found out my dad had cancer, the thought that my mom would no longer be able to watch over my son devastated me.  I searched for weeks for the perfect day care.  The first time I visited Wee Care I knew everything would be OK.  I love the fact that my son is not only in a safe and fun environment but also how much he learns!  When I pick him up he always has a smile on his face.  Thank you Wee Care for watching my most precious gift.
- Carolina Santiago  ~”Adam’s Mommy”

I truly believe it is harder on parents than their kids when it is time for them to enter pre­school.   Well, Wee Care took away all those fears.  Our daughter has thrived since she first stepped into the Wee Care environment almost two years ago.  All the teachers have such a loving, caring, passion and dedication for what they do, which truly translates into a nurturing and safe environment.  The social, talking, and learning skills our daughter has developed are absolutely amazing.  We see it in her eyes when she gets picked up each day and enthusiastically can’t wait to tell us about the adventures and what she learned.  There is never a worry or doubt about her at school all day as we know she is learning, playing, and most of all…. enjoying being a child.   The staff at Wee Care truly becomes an extension of your family.  They constantly provide you with updates and interaction on your child’s progress each and every day and are always attentive to your needs or concerns.  You just know at Wee Care, how much your child is loved and cared for.
Greg F.~Lauren’s Dad            (La Jolla, CA)

As I teacher myself, I knew what I wanted in a preschool for my son, and I found it all at Wee Care: a fun place with lots of space for outdoor play, warm and personable teachers, and an obvious sense of organization and purpose.  After visiting many San Diego childcare providers, Wee Care was the best choice because they exceeded my expectations!  The curriculum is well planned, the meals and snacks they provide are balanced and healthy, the facility is clean and safe, and, most importantly, the teachers there are involved and dedicated.  There is a good balance between academics and free play, my son loves to tell me what he learned that day and which of his “best friends” he played with.  Over the last two years, I have been very impressed with Wee Care.  Parents face many hard decisions, often second-guessing themselves and worrying about what’s “best” – Wee Care is a choice I’ve always felt confident about, I know my son is getting the best!
- Paula Marez (San Diego CA)

We are so pleased with the education our kids are receiving at Wee Care.  This school is not just a daycare center but a good educational facility.  The school is devoted to the learning of the children that attend there.  I am surprised with all the things my kids have learned.  My son is only three and he has already learned his shapes, he knows his ABC’s and knows how to count.  My daughter is five and she has attended Wee Care for 2 years.  She’s in Kindergarten, and has learned to read and is learning how to spell. She really loves her teacher, and looks forward to school.   It is such a nurturing environment where they have developed remarkably, both academically and socially. We recommend Wee Care Preschool!!!
- Eduardo and Andrea Velazquez (San Diego,CA)

For three years I have trusted Wee Care Preschool with the safety, education and well being my only child, Jasmin.  Jasmin, who is now 4 ½, started at Wee Care Preschool when she was just 18 months.  Finding a daycare that fit my needs and my child’s needs was extremely difficult. When I discovered Wee Care Preschool, I was thrilled!  Wee Care Preschool fit my needs and had a few bonuses too!

It was important for me to find a daycare that had a flexible schedule. I work two days a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. Most schools only offered a 5-day a week schedule or offered Tu/Th or Mon/Wed/Fri schedule.  Wee Care Preschool had no problem accommodating my unusual work schedule. On occasions, I have had to work an extra day during the week and with just a short notice and small fee, Wee Care Preschool is able to include Jasmin in her class activities for the day.  I also needed a daycare that had long hours.  Though I only work two days a week I need care for Jasmin for eight hours.  I love that I can drop Jasmin up as early as 6:30 a.m. pick Jasmin up as late as 6:00 p.m.

At Wee Care Preschool meals are included. When I’m running out the door to get to work on time, it is such a timesaver not to stop and make a lunch. At the end of the day Jasmin looks forward to picking up a snack in the school’s kitchen before heading home.

The teachers are so friendly and caring. I know this not just by what I observe but by the way Jasmin talks about her teachers. I also like that the teachers provide an injury report EVERY time Jasmin injured. Even though Wee Care Preschool has a fairly high student population, each classroom size is small allowing Jasmin to have the individual attention and education needed to best prepare for Kindergarten.

Wee Care Preschool also offers a few special touches. Throughout the year they offer after-hour daycare so the parents can have a night out. They also offer evening daycare throughout December which really helps in preparation of the holidays and to attend holiday parties.  I’m also impressed with their Annual Halloween Carnival which is held in the evening. This allowed me to attend without missing work. It’s really fun for both Jasmin and I to see all the teachers dressed in their Halloween Costumes. At Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas, the students (with the help of the teachers), make a sweet, personalized hand-made gift to take home to give their parents.

I have been very happy with my relationship with Wee Care Preschool.  As a business, Wee Care Preschool is very efficient, organized and thorough.  As an early development education center, Wee Care Preschool provides the students with a fun, clean and safe environment with a high quality of care!
- Jill Corrales (Jazmin’s mom)

We have been amazed by the improvement our son Erik has made since he started going to Wee Care Preschool. Before April of this year, our son was shy and spoke only a few words from time to time. It has been a wonderful experience to see our child’s vocabulary expand dramatically, along with his confidence and self esteem. What more can a parent hope for! We are very excited for our son to continue on this learning path and are happy we chose Wee Care. We think highly of the learning balanced with fun activity time. The icing on the cake is how all the staff knows our son and he calls them all by name too!
- Claudia & Orson Bevins (Chula Vista,CA) Parents of Erik (3)

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